Have you asked yourself what to bring in your suitcase for that next trip? After knowing the place of your destination, you ask yourself: What really is indispensable for the whole journey? Well, stay to know four things that can not be missing in your luggage at the time of travel. First one and most important is Travel Sim of that Country .

  1. A GOOD BOOK:We know that when you get to the least you will be reading, but … Have you asked yourself what will you do on the way to your destination? Well a good book can be a nice company when you do not have wi fi on your cell phone, try to get a book that you are passionate about or that you know will keep you busy while you arrive at the destination.

  2. A PORTABLE CHARGER:Has not happened to you when you arrive at the airport of your destination mysteriously you run out of battery ?, Well because you were taking many selfies on the way and when you get there you do not know where to go because your phone had a cardiac arrest . Well the solution to this is to take a portable charger that allows you to communicate when you arrive or simply turn on the GPS to know where you need to go.
  3. PERSONAL HYGIENE ITEMS:I know it sounds very obvious, but sometimes we leave confident that at our hotel we will have everything we need, but we end up leaving our money buying at the supermarket. Take your products from home that will even be much cheaper than buying them there, try to take them in small boats corresponding to the time you will be traveling so you do not have problems in airports.
  4. FIRST AID KIT:You will not take a whole pharmacy either, but if you take capsules for headaches, flu shots, pills for vomiting and includes a sunscreen (even if you go to a cold place, it is OK to take it with you everywhere).

These 4 things are undoubtedly essential for you to have an incredible and comfortable trip, do not forget to share them with your friends and family that will surely help you a lot if you go on vacation soon.


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